Learn about the power of carbonation.

The Secret to Cleaner Carpets

The secret to Chem-Dry’s deeper and long-lasting clean is The Natural®, a cleaning solution that contains millions of microscopic carbonated bubbles. These carbonation bubbles penetrate deep into the fibers of the carpet to trap and lift dirt, grime, and other unwanted contaminants to the surface. Then, one of our certified technicians uses our hot water extraction method to lift the dirty particles out of your carpets for good. This concept is almost identical to that of using club soda to remove a stain from a shirt. The carbonated solution creates a powerful reaction that deep cleans carpets and upholstery in a safe and gentle way.

Our process uses 80% less water than steam cleaners in Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks and we don’t leave behind any soapy residue. This means your carpet dries faster and stays cleaner for longer!

Why Choose Carbonated Carpet Cleaning From Chem-Dry?

1. Uses less water

Because of the natural power of carbonation, we don’t need to use excessive amounts of water to clean your carpet or upholstered furniture. Using less water is great for the environment and your community and it eliminates the risk for allergens or odor growth underneath your carpet. Not mention it’s also nice to not have to tip-toe around soggy carpet for days on end.

2. No sticky residues or harsh chemicals

With the power of carbonation, we don’t need to use the soapy cleaning chemicals that steam cleaners in Simi Valley rely on. Leftover soapy residue can attract dirt, which causes your carpet to get dirty even faster than before. Luckily, our cleaner contains no soaps, detergents, or surfactants, so your carpets stay cleaner longer!

3. Eliminate reappearing carpet stains

Instead of eliminating stains, steam cleaners in Simi Valley push them deeper into the fabric’s fibers so they “disappear.” This leads to reappearing carpet stains, which can be incredibly annoying especially when you paid to have them removed! With the use of our specialty carbonated carpet cleaner, we remove stains from the inside out instead of driving stains deeper into the carpet.

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