Professional mattress cleaning in the greater Santa Monica area

Get Your Mattress Professionally Cleaned

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to sleep on a literal bed of dust. Sadly so many of us actually do this. Your Mattress could be home to a lot of unwanted contaminants like dust, dirt, grime, and allergens. That’s why Chem-Dry Carpet Tech offers a special mattress cleaning service here in Pierce County, CA.

We use the same power of carbonation from our carpet and upholstery cleaning to lift dirt and dust to the surface of your mattress. From there our scleaned techs are able to whisk them away for good. This can give you peace of mind in addition to a good and healthy night’s sleep.

mattress cleaning in santa monica ca
santa monica ca mattress cleaners

Our Mattress Cleaning Process

  • Inspection: The first step is a thorough inspection of the mattress to look for areas that may require more attention.
  • Hot Carbonated Extraction: Next we’ll start deploying the millions of tiny effervescent bubbles into your mattress to start lifting the grime and dirt to the surface. Our technicians will then use our powerful extraction machines to eliminate all of those contaminants. This will get your mattress cleaner and healthier than you ever could have imagined.
  • Protectant & Deodorizer: You can choose to have your technician apply a special fabric protectant or deodorizer to the mattress.
  • Inspect Again: Finally, we’ll inspect the mattress again to make sure it meets our standards. You can expect to be completely satisfied with the look and smell of your mattress. 

Trust The Cleaning Experts

Chem-Dry Carpet Tech takes great pride in being a trustworthy cleaning crew. We mean it when we say we clean for your health like no one else in Pierce County.  Let us get your bed cleaner and more cleand than ever before! You can start by requesting a free estimate either online or by calling us at 310-596-4222. Don’t waste another night on a dirty mattress.

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