We can stretch and repair your carpet

Professional Carpet Repair Services in San Fernando Valley

Chem-Dry Carpet Tech can handle a wide range of carpet repairs. Our trained technicians use the highest quality tools and methods to repair the toughest waves, lumps or bunches. Over time, you may encounter some issues with your new or older carpet. Reasons can stem anywhere from poor installation, age or the amount of traffic they encounter. We understand replacing your carpet is a big investment; we can help restore the beauty and quality of your floors through years of experience. Our scleaned technicians are experts at helping you get the most out of your carpets and avoid costly repairs.

Carpet Repair Many people believe they need to install new carpet or spend a lot of money when confronted with carpet issues. Whether your carpet is stained, loose, detached, worn, burned or your seams are exposed, we can help you.

Carpet Repair Services:

  • Power Stretching

  • Carpet and Padding re-installation

  • Cut and Plug

  • Seam Repairs

  • Threshold Repair

carpet repair san fernando valley
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