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Deep Clean Drapery In Los Angeles

Curtains and drapes are beautiful additions to any home, but they do need to be maintained properly in order to stay beautiful. Chem-Dry Carpet Tech offers a unique professional drapery cleaning service here in the greater Los Angeles area. We use state-of-the-art cleaning technology and methods that are perfect for drapery, sheers, roman blinds, swags, and many more window coverings. Where other cleaners may shrink or damage these delicate fabrics, we’ll go the extra mile to make sure your drapes are cleaned and not harmed. Regardless of fabric type or length, we promise to deliver results that will leave your home cleaner and healthier than ever before. 

How We Clean Drapes:

  • Inspect The Fabric: Drapes can be made from a number of different fabrics that may require different cleaning methods. We thoroughly inspect the fabric to make sure we apply the proper cleaning technique and equipment.
  • Preparation: We prepare the drapes by lightly going over them with a vacuum.
  • Deep Clean: Once the drapes are properly prepared and inspected, we’ll start using our highly advanced cleaning technology to deliver the perfect clean.

You can trust Chem-Dry Carpet tech to carefully, safely, and completely clean your curtains and drapes.  We do this to prolong the life and look of your window coverings. Our process will leave the drapes with a fresh feel and without any toxic residue. The technicians here will work hard to provide you with affordable cleaning services that really work. Using the patented Chem-Dry® equipment and solutions means that we clean deeper, but more gently – leaving your curtains and drapes dry in 1-2 hours, rather than days. If you’re ready for clean and fresh window coverings in your business or home then call 877-885-5522.

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